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Introducing DREAM FUN(D)

You have savings goals. We have savings solutions.

Whether you are saving for a down payment on your first house, a new car or your dream vacation - DREAM FUN(D) is the perfect savings solutions to help you make your dream a reality.

With a competitive rate and just $200 to open, DREAM FUN(D) is designed to help you reach your savings goal.*

And the best part - with DREAM FUN(D) your savings are always at your fingertips, so you have the freedom to access your money whenever you are ready.**

Stop by your local banking center and ask a personal banker about DREAM FUN(D) today!

*$10.00 fee applies for daily balances under $200.00 or if a monthly automatic transfer of at least $50.00 does not occur. 
**Limit one withdrawal per month. Any additional withdrawals will incur a $50.00 fee.