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Automated Payment Services

Our automated payment services are provided by Automated Payments, Inc., a subsidiary of The Fountain Trust Company. Automated Payments makes your life easier with cutting-edge technology.

Automated Payments

The Fountain Trust Company offers complete payment processing solutions for small-size and medium-size businesses through its subsidiary, Automated Payments, Inc. Our automated payment services include payment processing, ACH direct deposit, ACH direct payment and merchant credit card processing. Let us take care of your payment processing needs so you can take care of business.

Payment Processing

Let us take care of your payment processing for you so that you can utilize your staff for other business needs. We provide complete and accurate processing of your billings.

    • Allows you to utilize your staff for other business needs
    • We balance transactions multiple times daily and send the file to you
    • Deposits are immediately posted to your account
    • With imaging, we will provide you with a disk of all payments posted to your account for easy reference

ACH Services

Using ACH is a great way to save your company time and money. Direct deposit of payroll is more convenient for both the company and its employees. It saves your company time in preparing payroll, and it saves the employee a trip to the bank. Direct payments are also a more certain way to get paid. Since the payment is automatically deducted from the customerís account, you no longer have to call the customer to get paid.

    • Batch processing versus single-check processing
    • Funds received faster in your business account from vendors through direct payments
    • Increases your companyís efficiency
    • Lowers your cost