Online Security


Online Safety Tips

  • Know the person, company or organization you are interacting with.
  • Keep your computer software up-to-date including the operating system, web browser, anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Use an Internet access device which contains a firewall or ensure your computer is running firewall software.
  • If utilizing a wireless access device, ensure it is configured to require a secure connection.
  • Create strong passwords which are changed periodically and stored securely.
  • Log off of all online sessions before leaving your computer unattended.
  • Do not allow your computer browser to save your User ID and password for easier access.  
  • Never open emails or attachments from unidentified senders.

What We Won’t Do

  • We will never send you an email requesting you to click a link to provide us information.  
  • We will never call you requesting your Debit Card information.
  • We will never request your online banking credentials.
  • We will never send you a text or instant message requesting you to call a number which requires you to provide your full Debit Card number, PIN, Online
  • Banking Credentials or other personally identifiable information.

What We May Do

  • If we need to contact you concerning your account or services with the bank, we will call you at a number you have provided.  The bank employee will state their name and purpose for calling.  If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, hang up immediately and call the bank directly at 765-793-2237 or toll free 888-801-8112 during regular banking hours.

What We Will Do

The privacy and security of your personal and financial information is important to us.  Unfortunately, as technology advances so does the sophistication of attacks aimed at defrauding those who use it.  At The Fountain Trust Company, we realize that keeping your account and personal information secure is a two-way effort, involving both bank security measures and customers following online security practices.  

Below are some of the measures we use to secure our online services:
  • Firewalls – Blocks unauthorized access to the servers where your information is stored.
  • Website Encryption – Our website utilizes 128-bit strong encryption from the moment you access  This secure connection is maintained regardless the page you visit within our site.  Once you login to view your account information, the data transmitted between our Internet Banking system and your browser remains encrypted.  
  • Monitoring – We utilize a service to monitor our website for any attempt to misdirect our customers to a fraudulent website set up with the intent to steal valid Internet Banking credentials.   
  • User ID's and Passwords – You select your own User ID's and Passwords. At the time you select your password, we also require you to provide answers to three unique security questions to assist in identifying you on shared devices and password resets.  
  • Extended Validation Certificate - Our Online Banking website utilizes an Extended Validation certificate. This certificate provides assurance to visitors that the website they are visiting is actually run by the organization they want to be dealing with, rather than a fraudulent site posing as that organization. Once you login to view your account information, the web browser will change the address bar to a green color and also display the name of the organization to which the certificate was issued. 


We protect our computer system with backup files, virus detection software, firewalls, and other computer software and hardware. By taking these measures to protect the integrity of our computer system, we are also helping ensure the safety of your personal information.
Limited employee access

Access to account information is restricted to only those employees who are required to have access to it in order to assist you or complete bank related tasks.  Our employees are required to keep customer information confidential.